This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is “The Road Taken” and I knew I would have great choices since I try to take so many photos on our numerous road trips for gymnastics.

But what I did not expect was to have the search for a photo lead to a surprise about those roads we took and where they really ended up.

When I was poking through my photos, I realized a choice to take a specific road home from 2015 Gymnastics State Championships led to a new family tradition.

We went east that year, it was the first time we’d gone east for State Championships. Google Maps said the trip would only take four hours so I researched and found several fun stops for the trip there and the trip back.

On the trip back, we stopped at an adorable fish hatchery, and stumbled across a cool mill house by a dam and some fun railroad trestles. But the gem of the day was a large side trip to a state park; Bruneau Dunes State Park.


The surprise? How much my kid fell in love with the dunes. We go there regularly now to go camping and to let her hike and surf the dunes.

Here’s a photo from her first visit which has led to so many more visits and so many more photographic opportunities.

Check out the Bruneau Dunes tag for more posts and photos which include some of her surfing, in case you need to see it to believe it.


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