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  • Not Every Photo Shoot is a Success (1/17/2018) - One of the categories for the Western Idaho Fair is “Reflections.” I love the amazing effect of a reflect in an unexpected – or even expected – surface so I have tried on several occasions to try to capture a fair worthy reflection photo. I haven’t succeeded. But this week Cee’s Black & White Photo…Read more Not Every Photo Shoot is a Success
  • One Word Photo Challenge – Mansion (1/12/2018) - As the holiday season winds down, here’s one last photo to capture the patience and time that it took for my mother and my daughter to make their traditional gingerbread “Mansions.”
  • Hard Work Perseveres (1/8/2018) - Em has always been good at gymnastics. The thing is, when you are good at something, you are compared to other good and great people. When she was in the first few levels of gymnastics, she seemed to always be in the middle of the pack. I’ve explained before: at a competition, the girls of…Read more Hard Work Perseveres
  • A New Tradition, Perhaps? (1/7/2018) - Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is something with two T’s in the word. I was trying to search for synonyms for the words that were already popping into my head where the synonyms had two T’s… but when I started writing I realized I was writing about “Tradition” which has two t’s in…Read more A New Tradition, Perhaps?
  • Foray into Film-Making (1/1/2018) - While everyone else was taking selfies on New Year’s Eve, I was creating this film from this year’s photos and video clips. I felt a bit like a new PowerPoint user – I’m sure I used too many video transitions and such… but I had fun and I definitely learned more about my photo and…Read more Foray into Film-Making