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  • Still Catching Up – Father’s Day Photos Part One (9/22/2017) - I am still catching up posting the photos I’ve been taking all summer. I am sure I have posted photos from past Father’s Day paddle boat excursions but I can’t see to find any tags that exist, hmm.. I’ve had times when I wasn’t really tagging, just categorizing, so maybe that’s what happened. But I’m…Read more Still Catching Up – Father’s Day Photos Part One
  • Catching Up – Independence Day Photos (9/20/2017) - I wanted to post the Spirit of Boise photos in a timely manner, but now I’m going back and posting some of the other photos that I took this summer but never posted… these are from Independence Day weekend when we went camping at Bruneau Dunes State Park. I just took some very targeted photos…Read more Catching Up – Independence Day Photos
  • Final Photo Story from Spirit of Boise 2017 (9/15/2017) - When I go out to take photos, I often have different reasons for taking two particular photos just five minutes apart. I like to tell the stories behind why I took my photos and what I was trying to achieve so I often break up the photos into several different posts. Here’s my last group…Read more Final Photo Story from Spirit of Boise 2017
  • Fire and Air (9/13/2017) - I saved this set of photos for Wild Wednesday – some cool shots of the fire heating up the air of the hot air balloon right next to us. I think the fire is cooler in the photo when it is just starting or just ending, it’s more solid orange. (Cooler, get it?) Here are…Read more Fire and Air
  • Strength of Community (9/11/2017) - There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes a village to have a happy, meaningful life. I am very blessed to be part of many communities in this city: church, work, school, and gymnastics. At the Spirit of Boise this year, the ballooning community paid tribute to…Read more Strength of Community