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  • Glad this was on a meet weekend… (2/23/2018) - The Vimeo video challenge for 2/20 was a “short cuts” challenge – use clips of one second or less to create a story. But because of this – they specifically said no still shots. This may be my first fully edited video with no photos. (Practically raw footage of her routines doesn’t count.) Good thing…Read more Glad this was on a meet weekend…
  • Brestyan’s Invitational – February 10, 2018 (2/19/2018) - Okay – here it is in all of it’s fragility and faults… the Brestyan’s Invitational in Las Vegas, NV. One of Emee’s teammates had been sick most of the week leading up to Vegas. The teammate stayed home from practice most of the week but I am sure the girls pass those germs all the…Read more Brestyan’s Invitational – February 10, 2018
  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day – NOT (2/15/2018) - I’ve never really liked Valentine’s Day – candy I don’t really need and pressure to be in relationships when I don’t want to be. But gymnastics season is in full swing when Valentine’s Day rolls around so since my kid started competing, I have a great way to spend that weekend right around Valentine’s Day:…Read more Celebrating Valentine’s Day – NOT
  • On a Roll! (2/6/2018) - The video challenge for January 30, 2018 was to create a fictional film less than 2 minutes in length that passed the Bechdel test for feminism in film. Here’s the Bechdel test, can you say “yes” to these three questions: Are there two women present (preferably both are named characters)? Do the women talk to…Read more On a Roll!
  • Gem State Invitational – January 26, 2018 (2/5/2018) - Two “Muscle Monday” posts in one day so I don’t continue to get behind (this coming weekend, 2/9-2/11, we’ll be in Vegas). I was more nervous for Gem State than for SCEGA. I think I was nervous BECAUSE she did so well at SCEGA, I wanted her to do well at a stupid Idaho meet……Read more Gem State Invitational – January 26, 2018