Final Photos from Farmstead

Halloween week was so busy and although I managed to document our fun family times, I failed to post all of those photos. Here's the family photos Family Friday. First: searching the pumpkin patch. Then: Conquering the corn maze. Unfortunately, that sense of triumph was shattered moments later when she realized she came out the…Read more Final Photos from Farmstead


Another Catch-up Post – Midsummer in Fall

Here it is, over half way through fall and I'm still publishing summer photos. I just found the draft to this post while working to create all my posts for various photo challenges this week. I had already decided to post two "Muscle Monday" posts to have a home for more challenges. Discovering this post…Read more Another Catch-up Post – Midsummer in Fall

One Word Photo Challenge: Light

Here's another photo challenge Web site I discovered, this blogger posts several different challenges each week. I was originally drawn to the "Weather" challenge but this week the "One Word Photo Challenge" spoke to me more clearly. I love to take photos of the weather but this week's challenge is "Summer" and I've already posted…Read more One Word Photo Challenge: Light