On a Roll!

The video challenge for January 30, 2018 was to create a fictional film less than 2 minutes in length that passed the Bechdel test for feminism in film. Here's the Bechdel test, can you say "yes" to these three questions: Are there two women present (preferably both are named characters)? Do the women talk to…Read more On a Roll!


Spring Show – in August

It seems I took the summer off as far as posting photos... I took photos, I just didn't post them. Here's photos from her spring show to end the gymnastics season... back in May. Every year her gym does a "Night at the Movies" and this year her group danced to a song from "Beauty…Read more Spring Show – in August

Hallissey Basketball Tournament – February 12-14, 2016

So my little gymnast took advantage of a weekend off from gymnastics meets to participate in a school tradition. Her school helps sponsor a memorial basketball tournament every year - Hallissey Basketball Tournament. No one told me they were planning on squeezing 74 basketball games into 48 hours. My kid's team played 6 games in…Read more Hallissey Basketball Tournament – February 12-14, 2016