Celebrating Valentine’s Day – NOT

I've never really liked Valentine's Day - candy I don't really need and pressure to be in relationships when I don't want to be. But gymnastics season is in full swing when Valentine's Day rolls around so since my kid started competing, I have a great way to spend that weekend right around Valentine's Day:…Read more Celebrating Valentine’s Day – NOT


Stronger Photography Takes Practice

Now that I am hoping to sell my photos as stock photos, I feel even more need to improve. I took many shots over Thanksgiving weekend that I hope to post on stock photos sites but first I need to do some "paperwork" of model and location release forms. Meantime, I will post some photos…Read more Stronger Photography Takes Practice

Don’t You Wish? Random thoughts about #PitchBlack and #VinDiesel

Have you ever wished that writers would explore some random loose end of a story line? Syfy channel recently aired "Pitch Black" and "Chronicles of Riddick." After watching these I rented "Riddick" from Amazon Instant Video so I could watch the third installment. But I think that there should be a "Pitch Black 2" with…Read more Don’t You Wish? Random thoughts about #PitchBlack and #VinDiesel