A Time of Rest and Recharge

Since the beginning of the year, I have taken many photos but I have not put them onto my blog. Taking the photos was enough. With everything going on, my daughter’s second year with a mental block on bars, me trying to support her from 200+ miles away due to my new job, then the pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders, it was all I could do to just get out and take some photos. I couldn’t always face “fixing” them if/when they weren’t perfect.

But this Memorial Day weekend, still 200+ miles from my kid, who is doing better now that she’s gotten a new coach and a new passion for gymnastics, I finally sat down and cleaned up my photos to post them. I had a lot of fun, once I got started.

When I was taking the photos but not posting, I was checking my various photo challenge Web sites to see what themes they had. I bought trinkets and knick-knacks to photograph for specific challenges but then never did. Then I realized I was forgetting that the photography was for me; if anyone else liked it, that was just a bonus.

The final revelation was when I realized that if I couldn’t find a theme that fit my photo, I could turn it black and white and wash it with a color for a photo challenge I’ve been watching for a while but haven’t participated in: Color Your World. I even selectively colored different aspects of certain photos with the “color of the week” and came up with some amazing results.

So, one blog post (this one) but 16 entries for various photo challenges between now and August 2020. The links will go to “page not found” until the portfolio of photos goes live, but if you’ve stumbled across this explanatory blog post before they all go live, I hope you will be interested enough to check back to see what I’ve created for each of these challenges.

One final note, the title link of each paragraph is the link to my photo. The link inside the paragraph is the link to the photo challenge site.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 5/19/2020 – Sense of Smelling
Sense of Smelling” was a great theme for the one flower photo that actually exceeded expectation. I cannot seem to get the depth-of-focus aspect of my photos to work as I want 100% of the time, maybe not even 50% of the time. But this flower photo is beautiful with the main flower in focus and all the other flowers in leaves slowly blurring into the background.

Color Your World 5/19/2020 – Mahogany
I almost didn’t publish the photos of animals from the San Diego Zoo. But the animals were in almost natural environments, and once I decided to go black and white it seemed like I’d managed to do their majestic nobility some justice. By washing certain elements of the photo with the mahogany color, this became my first entry into the Color Your World photo challenge.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge 5/21/2020 – Things that are Short
I love Cee’s challenges. No matter what, I know she will have a list of upcoming challenges that will be broad enough for me to fit most of my photos into her challenges. She has a “Man Made” challenge (on 5/26) which would fit many of my photos but I wanted to have my entry be exclusively the umbrellas from Charity Choice. So what to do with this zen statue cutey? Oh, it’s short and it would look very striking in black and white. DONE!

Sunday Stills 5/24/2020 – Waterworld
Water is my favorite thing to photograph so, of course, several of my photos fit in the waterworld theme. I didn’t even put them all here, I split some of them into other themes.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 5/26/2020 – Anything Man Made
And here are the umbrella photos from the Charity Choice 2020 gymnastics meet. I was so excited about going to this meet again. I was not disappointed. Those umbrellas are so fun. And they are definitely man made.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge 5/28/2020 – It’s All Nature
Nature lends it’s to black and white very well. Especially the trees in my new town, they have very gray bark and I am very happy with how all these nature photos turned out once I converted them to black and white.

Sunday Stills 5/31/2020 – Straight
Since I wanted “Man Made” to be only my umbrella pictures, all of my bridge pictures ended up in Sunday Stills challenge: “Straight.”

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 6/2/2020 – Graffiti & Murals
This one time I did set out to get photos specifically for this challenge. I knew there would be graffiti on the rail cars in Old Town Pocatello. But, bonus, I found locks on the chain link on one of the bridges in the parks, too. I put those here as “graffiti” as well.

One Word Sunday 6/7/2020 – Patchwork
As I took this picture, I had no idea what I would do with it. But I couldn’t resist that patch of yellow flowers. Then I saw that Travel with Intent had “Patchwork” as a theme.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 6/9/2020 – Hats
I didn’t think I would take a photo that would fit Cee’s theme of hats, but then I stumbled across this old Cowboy Oil Company sign.

Color Your World 6/9/2020 – Maroon
When I was experimenting with colors for the Color Your World challenges, I found I did not always have to take the photo to black and white first. This photo of a name carved in a downtown building did not need to go to black and white first. In fact, it took me a bit to get the maroon to not look like pink, but I finally got it.

Color Your World 6/16/2020 – Mauvelous
I definitely took these photos knowing that mauvelous was an upcoming Color Your World theme. I loved playing with the spotlight in the cement.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge 6/18/2020 – Trains and Tracks
I agree with Cee, trains and tracks make great black and white subjects.

Color Your World 6/23/2020 – Melon
I took this forlorn photo of an empty playground but didn’t feel like it could go into a later challenge (painted) since I think this particular structure is molded colored plastic. But then I noticed the faded header over the tunnel. I think it used to be red but it looks more “melon” now; especially once I took the photo to black and white and then colored the board melon. 🙂

Cee’s Black & White Challenge 6/25/2020 – Close ups or Macros
I originally took this photo for one of Cee’s challenges: words with “ock,” but never got it posted. I could have posted these un-doctored for this challenge since single tone photos are accepted but I converted them to black and white although I included an original so you can see.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 6/30/2020 – Painted
Most of my around-the-town photos ended up in the “painted” challenge. It was a good catch-all theme.

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