MMWO – January 20, 2017 (with video)

So MMWO stands for Missy Marlowe's Wasatch Open. Our coach has sent the travel compulsory girls to this meet for a few years but this is the first time he had the optional girls go. In case this is your first time reading my posts, USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program has levels 1-10. At level…Read more MMWO – January 20, 2017 (with video)


Lady Luck Invitational – January 13, 2017

And so another season begins. Em is a second year level 8 this year. Who knew back in those days as a little three-year-old who didn't look like she was even listening to the coach that she would be in the position to easily make level 10 by her senior year of high school... since…Read more Lady Luck Invitational – January 13, 2017

Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature

I am still chasing that elusive County Fair ribbon for my photography. This means I experiment with closeup photos of specific details of an object and with camera settings and motion (yes, motion). Here's two okay photos from my experimentation over the weekend. I also found this spot of grass that already looked like it…Read more Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature

Spirit of Boise – September 5, 2015

I am working on getting back into regular blog posts... working on it... slowly but surely. This Labor Day Weekend had a few "Wild Wednesday" opportunities, here's the first - Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival. It ran the 2nd through the 6th and I went down on the morning of the 5th to watch that…Read more Spirit of Boise – September 5, 2015