Glad this was on a meet weekend…

The Vimeo video challenge for 2/20 was a "short cuts" challenge - use clips of one second or less to create a story. But because of this - they specifically said no still shots. This may be my first fully edited video with no photos. (Practically raw footage of her routines doesn't count.) Good thing…Read more Glad this was on a meet weekend…


Celebrating Valentine’s Day – NOT

I've never really liked Valentine's Day - candy I don't really need and pressure to be in relationships when I don't want to be. But gymnastics season is in full swing when Valentine's Day rolls around so since my kid started competing, I have a great way to spend that weekend right around Valentine's Day:…Read more Celebrating Valentine’s Day – NOT

Final Photos from Farmstead

Halloween week was so busy and although I managed to document our fun family times, I failed to post all of those photos. Here's the family photos Family Friday. First: searching the pumpkin patch. Then: Conquering the corn maze. Unfortunately, that sense of triumph was shattered moments later when she realized she came out the…Read more Final Photos from Farmstead

Still Catching Up – Father’s Day Photos Part Two

These photos are of all the ducks and geese. I put on my zoom lens, thinking I could get some great close-up shots, but the ducks and geese are so used to people paddling through and feeding them that they were sometimes too close for the zoom lens. Still, overall the strategy worked out and…Read more Still Catching Up – Father’s Day Photos Part Two

Still Catching Up – Father’s Day Photos Part One

I am still catching up posting the photos I've been taking all summer. I am sure I have posted photos from past Father's Day paddle boat excursions but I can't see to find any tags that exist, hmm.. I've had times when I wasn't really tagging, just categorizing, so maybe that's what happened. But I'm…Read more Still Catching Up – Father’s Day Photos Part One