One Word Photo Challenge – Mansion

As the holiday season winds down, here's one last photo to capture the patience and time that it took for my mother and my daughter to make their traditional gingerbread "Mansions."


Hard Work Perseveres

Em has always been good at gymnastics. The thing is, when you are good at something, you are compared to other good and great people. When she was in the first few levels of gymnastics, she seemed to always be in the middle of the pack. I've explained before: at a competition, the girls of…Read more Hard Work Perseveres

One Word Challenge – Macro

This particular weekly challenge has very specific ways for the challenge administrator to find those of us who have participated. That's okay - it just means my title can't be as catchy.... I was going to make the title "A Family Tradition" until I remembered that this challenge has specific requests for the title... a…Read more One Word Challenge – Macro