So here is another meet that I was looking forward to but was disappointed. Two years ago, when we went to this meet, it was in the Taco Bell Arena and the lighting was fantastic. A few weeks before this meet this year, I saw that it was going to be in the Kinesiology Building, which I know from her early years has very bad lighting. So my heart was not in it.

Em, however, was very focused and put her whole heart into this meet. She got some season high scores on events and tied her season high score for all-around.

She started on bars. She and her teammates had bad warm-ups. A girl from another team who was competing with them fell several times and finally just saluted the judges and got a low 6 for her score. One of her teammates fell several times but kept going and got a 7.0. So Em was caution on a major required skill, but she didn’t fall, so she pulled off a 9.15 which got her a decent 4th place finish.

Of course, I figured out after the fact, that some quick photo finishing in Paintshop Pro would almost save my photos. I did not take very many photos because I thought they wouldn’t turn out. The video had decent light, links to videos are at the bottom of this post.

Then she moved to beam. It was one of her absolute best beam routines ever. She bobbled on her back walkover, but didn’t fall off. Then she walked forward a few steps and did it again so she could connect into her back handspring, still no fall. Then her 3/4 jump, no fall. She finished with an 8.15, best beam score of the season, and I have, basically, none of it on film.

See, here’s the thing, my heart wasn’t in it. And the beam is SO close to the viewing balcony, it was heard to get a good angle. And she wasn’t the first 8 after the two level 7s on bars so I thought I had plenty of time before she went. So I sat on the floor for the level 7s but decided that wasn’t a good angle, then, as I was standing up, she was going. I fumbled with my camera and iPad, realized I wasn’t going to get video, tried to, at least, get some still photos:

Yes, these are darker. First, I had put on a different lens because she was so close, apparently it didn’t capture as much light. Second, in all of my fumbling, I’d set the shutter speed at 1/640 sec instead of 1/250 sec. I quickly reset my shutter speed but only got off one more good photo.

Next was floor. She tied her best floor score, 9.4, and, this time, it got her first place. Yeah!

Sometimes I like the photos that tell a story more than the dramatic action ones. My last photo is of her final pose but I’ve framed it to include her teammate who was watching her with great interest. (And support?? Probably, knowing her teammate.)

Then my lack of enthusiasm really caught up with me. Although, I didn’t realize what happened until I got home.

It took a while for them to get their turn on vault. When they did, I took photos. She had to take more steps than normal but she still got a 9.1 which was 3rd place.

All this lead to a 35.8 (not a quite a 36… again) for her all-around score. For this meet, that ended up being third place.

But when it was finally time for awards photos, my camera refused to focus. I got no pictures of awards, and, at the time, I couldn’t figure out why.

And then, when I got home, I realized my photos of vault were weirdly hazy and darker than the others.

That’s when I remembered getting bored between floor and vault, sitting down and leaning against my camera/tripod, and putting my chin on my camera… lens. Yes, I know…

But I did get video of vault. Here’s all the videos. And the link to her scores on Meet Scores Online.

MSO BSU Open 2017 Level 8 Senior


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