Black and White Pets

The Black and White Challenge for this week is Pets. I bribed the dog and just took what the cat was willing to offer.

My dog is a German Shepard, the cat is a Siamese, they are both practically monochromatic naturally so I was bold and tried to go a little bit beyond the set filters that are built into my photo software.

With Gus’ photo, I thought the “Heavy” filter looked really cool – it bumps up the contrast 100% and drops the brightness 100% – I tweaked the brightness back up a bit so it was “only” negative 70% –

Gus BW

The cat must have a lot of red in that fur – one of the red filters looked cool. But the “High” filter did, too, so I combined the red and high filters for this effect.

bailey BW

So, there it is, given the anti-photography attitudes of both my pets, I am pleased that I managed to get entries for this particular challenge.

2 thoughts on “Black and White Pets

    1. Thank you, I wish the cat had let me get her blue eyes in there. I would have tried the selective coloring effect you did with your green-eyed cat. That was a very striking photo.

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