Christmas in March

Because it has been snowing recently... and because I love our family tradition of going to the Garden Aglow but we didn't get to go this year... I'm posting this beautiful picture of the dense amount of lights at the botanical gardens from Christmas Past. Oh, another reason I'm posting it is because the weekly…Read more Christmas in March


MMWO – January 20, 2017 (with video)

So MMWO stands for Missy Marlowe's Wasatch Open. Our coach has sent the travel compulsory girls to this meet for a few years but this is the first time he had the optional girls go. In case this is your first time reading my posts, USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program has levels 1-10. At level…Read more MMWO – January 20, 2017 (with video)

Family Traditions and the Holidays

My first photography subjects were rocks, trees, and flowers. I spent my college years capturing the beauty of nature and, sometimes, architecture but I rarely photographed people since I hated to be photographed. But when I had my kid, I started having more motivation to capture those  moments of time that would make great memories.…Read more Family Traditions and the Holidays

Winter Garden Aglow – So Many Lights

This is my December 30th post, published quite late, I admit. The holidays were a whirlwind of traditional family activities and before I new it, it was mid-January. But here's the photos from our winter visit to our botanical gardens. This first post shows just how many lights they have for this event. First three…Read more Winter Garden Aglow – So Many Lights

Gem State Invitational – January 30, 2015

Another meet, some more pictures. Lots more pictures, because this venue has much better lighting. This meet is fun, the meet manager makes a big to-do over the girls, starting with march in. All the coaches and judges have to line up to give the girls high-fives. (I remember when my kid was the first…Read more Gem State Invitational – January 30, 2015