Solitude for Success

Before we went out for our Thanksgiving outing in the dunes, I looked at what my stock photos sites were suggesting for photos. Adobe Stock thinks "Solitude" will be the trend in 2018. So I took these, and they are perfect for Cee's Black & White Challenge of "Abandoned or Alone."


Details from Spirit of Boise 2017

When I saw the The Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge of "Structure" I was excited about getting some detailed shots of the balloons at the Spirit of Boise, since my daughter and I already had plans to go to the Saturday launch (tradition). When I got there, I got worried that the photos would fit…Read more Details from Spirit of Boise 2017

Bruneau State Park and the Loveridge Fire

Just after we went camping at Bruneau State Park for 4th of July, there was a fire that started nearby and burned over 48,000 acres, the Loveridge fire. The park was closed for day or two when the fire was near. I'd forgotten. We just went again. As I drove into the park, "Oh, yeah,…Read more Bruneau State Park and the Loveridge Fire

Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature

I am still chasing that elusive County Fair ribbon for my photography. This means I experiment with closeup photos of specific details of an object and with camera settings and motion (yes, motion). Here's two okay photos from my experimentation over the weekend. I also found this spot of grass that already looked like it…Read more Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature