Stronger Photography Takes Practice

Now that I am hoping to sell my photos as stock photos, I feel even more need to improve. I took many shots over Thanksgiving weekend that I hope to post on stock photos sites but first I need to do some "paperwork" of model and location release forms. Meantime, I will post some photos…Read more Stronger Photography Takes Practice


Discovering My Own City

Daily Post Challenge - Surprise Over the last few years I've had a lot of fun going to our local botanical gardens to take photos of flowers, berries, leaves, and sculptures. The planning that goes into the gardens is very evident because there was always something different blooming throughout the whole year. It seemed that…Read more Discovering My Own City

Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature

I am still chasing that elusive County Fair ribbon for my photography. This means I experiment with closeup photos of specific details of an object and with camera settings and motion (yes, motion). Here's two okay photos from my experimentation over the weekend. I also found this spot of grass that already looked like it…Read more Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature

First Weekend of Autumn – Sport Version

Here's more pictures from the first weekend of autumn. These are pics of my kid sand surfing again. First - preparing for the run: Then, unfortunately, the most dynamic pictures are when she's falling: Knowing that the sand spray helps the photo, I had her jump for some: But there are some times that the…Read more First Weekend of Autumn – Sport Version

Last Weekend of Summer 2015 – Man-made (part two)

As promised, here are the photos from the botanical garden. One thing I was amazed to discover: the "labyrinth" actually has stones or bricks set in it to keep the maze structure. I've always felt so bad walking out onto the grass, I never investigated. But the gardens have restructured their entrance in a way…Read more Last Weekend of Summer 2015 – Man-made (part two)