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  • Yearly Fair Selections for Photography (8/15/2017) - Every year I enter photos into the county fair, every year I hope for a ribbon, every year I realize the things that I think make the picture cool (light artifacts, blurs, etc.) are what make the judges think it’s not a good photo. Every year I had to choose just three photos. But last…Read more Yearly Fair Selections for Photography
  • Top Flight Clinic Achievements (8/7/2017) - Last weekend was the final gymnastics clinic of the summer. On the last day, Em moved her level 9 beam series from medium beam to high beam, with only one mat underneath, which means it’s competition ready. Her new series is a back handspring-back handspring. I was trying to make sure my photography skills were…Read more Top Flight Clinic Achievements
  • Best of Class – Textures (8/2/2017) - Textures When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was “Textures” I thought, “This will be easy, I have a whole category for texture photos on my blog.” The first thing I learned was only one photo portfolio project is tagged as “Textures,” the other photos I have taken of textures were buried in my…Read more Best of Class – Textures
  • Unusual Muscle Monday (7/31/2017) - Usually Muscle Monday is about my kid. Today it is about me. I’ve been flexing my public speaking muscles lately and it’s been amazingly satisfying. I joined Toastmasters International in 2008 and really enjoyed it but a rough time in my life when I got really depressed made me think dropping out of Toastmasters was…Read more Unusual Muscle Monday
  • Is it a star? A planet? It’s probably a plane. (7/21/2017) - While camping with the family over the 4th of July, I saw a beautiful object framed by these amazingly straight clouds right at sunset. I looked up what star or planet it could have been, Jupiter was the evening star that night, but I think Jupiter was supposed to be farther away from the sun.…Read more Is it a star? A planet? It’s probably a plane.