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  • Teddy Bear Classic – December 9, 2017 (12/11/2017) - Amazing weekend! A few weeks ago, Em’s coach asked if she would like to do this meet as a “practice meet.” Boy, was it a good decision to say yes. She competed as a level 9… I think part of the reason coach talked them into this meet was so they would have to knuckle…Read more Teddy Bear Classic – December 9, 2017
  • Two Video Challenges in a ROW! (12/5/2017) - After I had my photographer’s epiphany about my video style, Vimeo took Thanksgiving vacation, and this is the first weekend video challenge since Nov 7th. The challenge was a profile video for my Vimeo profile… it took me a bit to get my head around “profile video” instead of “video that says something.” But I…Read more Two Video Challenges in a ROW!
  • Final Photos from Farmstead (11/10/2017) - Halloween week was so busy and although I managed to document our fun family times, I failed to post all of those photos. Here’s the family photos Family Friday. First: searching the pumpkin patch. Then: Conquering the corn maze. Unfortunately, that sense of triumph was shattered moments later when she realized she came out the…Read more Final Photos from Farmstead
  • A Photographer’s Epiphany (11/9/2017) - I was so excited about the video challenges after successfully completing the July 18th challenge. But then I got reminded that I am a novice at this film making thing, which is okay… The August 1st challenge was to recreate an iconic shot from film or TV… I don’t know what’s iconic because I don’t…Read more A Photographer’s Epiphany
  • Another Catch-up Post – Midsummer in Fall (11/8/2017) - Here it is, over half way through fall and I’m still publishing summer photos. I just found the draft to this post while working to create all my posts for various photo challenges this week. I had already decided to post two “Muscle Monday” posts to have a home for more challenges. Discovering this post…Read more Another Catch-up Post – Midsummer in Fall