Excursion to Farmstead Corn Maze

So this was a very sad year for the Three M's - the Thunder Mountain Line Railroad shut down this year and we could not go on the Pumpkin Liner to get our pumpkins. So we researched two options - Linder Farms and Farmstead Corn Maze. We went with Farmstead Corn Maze. It wasn't bad…Read more Excursion to Farmstead Corn Maze


Gymnastics Montage for National Gymnastics Day

Here is a Muscle Monday post a few days early because today is NATIONAL GYMNASTICS DAY! Before the 2016 meet season started, I stated that one of my photography goals for the year was going to be creating a montage of Em doing one of her flips or aerial moves like USA Gymnastics posts all…Read more Gymnastics Montage for National Gymnastics Day

Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature

I am still chasing that elusive County Fair ribbon for my photography. This means I experiment with closeup photos of specific details of an object and with camera settings and motion (yes, motion). Here's two okay photos from my experimentation over the weekend. I also found this spot of grass that already looked like it…Read more Labor Day Weekend – Abstract Nature