Not Waiting

This week's weekly challenge is "Waiting." Life has a lot of waiting in it. My daughter is a gymnast and there is a lot of waiting in gymnastics. Here's one of her and her coach waiting for her turn to start warming up at the beginning of Region 2 2017 Championships. Here's one of her…Read more Not Waiting


Family Traditions and the Holidays

My first photography subjects were rocks, trees, and flowers. I spent my college years capturing the beauty of nature and, sometimes, architecture but I rarely photographed people since I hated to be photographed. But when I had my kid, I started having more motivation to capture those  moments of time that would make great memories.…Read more Family Traditions and the Holidays

Feast of Epiphany – Family Traditions

I may have gone overboard this year - I couldn't fit all the "stocking stuffers" into the stockings. On the twelfth day of Christmas my family woke up to find sitting on their stockings: Twelve dried cranberries Eleven chocolate almonds Ten cinnamon apples Nine glazed walnuts Eight crafty items Seven licorice bits Six fancy dried…Read more Feast of Epiphany – Family Traditions