Some Lucky Fireworks Photos

It has been years since we actually tried to watch the city fireworks display. This year we got a spot at the dog boarding place for our dog to spend the night and then we were free to go downtown to enjoy the display. However, my daughter and I both had obligations the next morning…Read more Some Lucky Fireworks Photos


Rose City Challenge – February 24, 2018

In less than a week we will be heading to lovely Pocatello, Idaho, for Idaho State Junior Olympic Women's Gymnastics Championships. But right now I need to (finally) share the photos and videos from the final regular season meet - the Rose City Challenge that was held in Beaverton, OR, on the last weekend in…Read more Rose City Challenge – February 24, 2018

Queen of Hearts Invitational – February 17, 2018

Some meet seasons are about survival... This year was one of them. 2 meet weekends in a row (one out of state), a one weekend break, then 3 meet weekends in a row (two out of state)... and then she got sick on the first of the 3 meets in a row... For this meet,…Read more Queen of Hearts Invitational – February 17, 2018

One Word Challenge – Macro

This particular weekly challenge has very specific ways for the challenge administrator to find those of us who have participated. That's okay - it just means my title can't be as catchy.... I was going to make the title "A Family Tradition" until I remembered that this challenge has specific requests for the title... a…Read more One Word Challenge – Macro

Final Photos from Farmstead

Halloween week was so busy and although I managed to document our fun family times, I failed to post all of those photos. Here's the family photos Family Friday. First: searching the pumpkin patch. Then: Conquering the corn maze. Unfortunately, that sense of triumph was shattered moments later when she realized she came out the…Read more Final Photos from Farmstead