Teddy Bear Classic – December 9, 2017

Amazing weekend! A few weeks ago, Em's coach asked if she would like to do this meet as a "practice meet." Boy, was it a good decision to say yes. She competed as a level 9... I think part of the reason coach talked them into this meet was so they would have to knuckle…Read more Teddy Bear Classic – December 9, 2017


One Word Photo Challenge: Light

Here's another photo challenge Web site I discovered, this blogger posts several different challenges each week. I was originally drawn to the "Weather" challenge but this week the "One Word Photo Challenge" spoke to me more clearly. I love to take photos of the weather but this week's challenge is "Summer" and I've already posted…Read more One Word Photo Challenge: Light

THE PHOTO from Spirit of Boise 2017

Flexing my photography muscles is a great way to unwind on a relaxing three day weekend. But sometimes that great photo is a combination of luck and circumstance. I've mentioned before that sometimes the yearly smoke from forest fires can have a small upside - beautiful photography. The smoke has been pretty bad this year…Read more THE PHOTO from Spirit of Boise 2017