Some Lucky Fireworks Photos

It has been years since we actually tried to watch the city fireworks display. This year we got a spot at the dog boarding place for our dog to spend the night and then we were free to go downtown to enjoy the display.

However, my daughter and I both had obligations the next morning so we didn’t want to get caught in the after-event traffic. A friend told me about a parking garage that had a great view and was just far enough away that we did not get caught in the traffic afterwards.

Such a fun time, my teen was so grumpy, at first, because she wanted this spot or that, she wanted the chairs here or there, but after the fireworks started, she was just all smiles, excitement, and appreciation.

I took my camera on a whim. I didn’t try too hard, I still wanted to enjoy the moment. So all these photos are a result of luck and a good photo processing program.

Fireworks 064
Fireworks 074
Fireworks 082
Fireworks 086
Fireworks 092
Fireworks 102
Fireworks 108
Fireworks 112
Fireworks 116
Fireworks 195
Fireworks 220
Fireworks 201

I haven’t published in quite awhile. I have let so many photo challenges pass me by… Daily Post isn’t even doing challenges anymore. *sad face*

But all my fellow photo challengers have rallied and I have discovered many new challenges. This post fits Sunday Stills challenge for this week: What does #summer mean to you?

#summer means family time, evenings together (instead of having the teen at gymnastic practice), traditions, and time to do photo challenges.

Sunday Stills: #summer


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