Posing for the Camera

The weekend before Halloween, we finally got out to the pumpkin patch for our new tradition (the old one was the Pumpkin Liner and I still miss that silly train).

There is a Western Town facade that the kids play in, I got my kid to pose in the barred window of the JAIL.. For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Peek, I present a photo of my kid peeking out of the window with what she considers a forlorn look on her face.

Put first, how we got there. When I asked her to pose, this was her original pose:

farmstead 063

I told her that was too cheery, she shouldn’t be happy to be in jail.

So she tried to frown but was having a hard time keeping a straight face. Then she, apparently, decided that slouching down into the window would help her look sad.

farmstead 071
farmstead 073
farmstead 079

And here’s the final product, her peeking out the window with what could be considered a forlorn look.

farmstead 081

2 thoughts on “Posing for the Camera

  1. 🙂 i wondered what this JA is and was about to tell it means yes in Afrikaans (there I did it anyway) until I realized it is the first 2 letters of JAIL…
    Such forlorn looking jail bird

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