Not Waiting

This week’s weekly challenge is “Waiting.”

Life has a lot of waiting in it.

My daughter is a gymnast and there is a lot of waiting in gymnastics.

Here’s one of her and her coach waiting for her turn to start warming up at the beginning of Region 2 2017 Championships.

regionals 057

Here’s one of her waiting to get the signal from the judges to start her floor routine at the 2016 Gem State Invitational.

Gem State 496

The Daily Post writer mentions gymnasts when she talks about the moments photos usually capture, the action moments, “[the exact second] a gymnast extends both legs in mid-air into a perfect split.” But she continues by saying that some of her favorite photos are the moments before, the ones that capture “capture the anticipation, or the rumination, or the calm before the storm.”

I agree, I love when I capture those small moments right before or after she executes an amazing leap, turn, or tumbling pass. Here’s one right before her first tumbling pass at the 2016 Rose City Challenge.

Rose City Trip 247

But did you notice I said “before or after?” Because, especially on floor, she often waits AFTER the big moves; to regain balance, to slow momentum, or to wait for the music. Here’s one right as she finished her first tumbling pass and is waiting for the music so she can start her dance transition into her leaps (at the 2017 Lady Luck Invitational).


You may be wondering why I named this post “Not Waiting.”

Because I usually try to match my post to my three categories: Muscle Monday, Wild Wednesday, and Family Friday. Which means I usually wait to post on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

But I have many posts waiting to post on the appropriate Monday, Wednesday, of Friday right now.


So I am not going to wait to post this, I am going to use that category I have in reserve for those moments when I want to talk about other things: Random Ramblings.

And there you have it, my random ramblings about waiting in life and gymnastics and why I am not waiting to post this.


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