Details from Spirit of Boise 2017

When I saw the The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of “Structure” I was excited about getting some detailed shots of the balloons at the Spirit of Boise, since my daughter and I already had plans to go to the Saturday launch (tradition).

When I got there, I got worried that the photos would fit the challenge, so I snapped a shot of these amazing seed pods in one of the trees.

spirit2017 076

These trees are all over our town and I love seeing the seed pods at the end of the summer.

I still took detail photos of the balloons, these one is closest to what I had in mind going to the park, but not as powerful and interesting as I hoped it would be.

spirit2017 288

My daughter and I picked the Saturday launch instead of the Sunday launch because we heard you got to be closer to the balloons on Saturday, boy, was that correct. This is my favorite photo for this challenge of “Strucure,” the inside structure of the hot air balloon, how often do you get to see that?

spirit2017 080

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