When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was “Textures” I thought, “This will be easy, I have a whole category for texture photos on my blog.”

The first thing I learned was only one photo portfolio project is tagged as “Textures,” the other photos I have taken of textures were buried in my posts and haven’t been highlighted as portfolios. I’ll fix that right now.

The second thing I learned is that I have too many categories listed in my menu, the drop-down list gets cut off and you can’t see all the categories I have defined for my different portfolios. I’ll fix that, too.

Here’s my favorite from an old post with photos taken at the Idaho Botanical Garden which was originally tagged as including textures, colors, and contrasts. This is the best juxtaposition of texture from that group of photos.

midsummer 105

Here’s the link to the original post, so you can see the other textures, colors, and contrasts captured that day.

Textures, Colors, and Contrasts post

Here’s the more recent photo portfolio project that I had included in the “Textures” category.

James Types Gravestone

Here’s a second photo portfolio project from that same photo shoot that should have been (and is now) tagged with the “Textures” category.

Viola Bredell Gravestone


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