Spike TV channel is about to start an original series based on Stephen King’s story “The Mist.” I have seen some of the previews shown on other channels so I finally decided to create a OnePass on my TiVo for it… but it was still too far into the future.

So I put a reminder in my calendar to set the OnePass once I knew it would be available (about 10 days before the premiere).

Over the last few days I’ve been trying to create that OnePass but I only remembered when I was at work. I tried logging into my TiVo account, couldn’t find it. I opened my TiVo app on my phone, couldn’t find it. Finally remembered at home to search on my TiVo, couldn’t find it. On my actual TiVo, I had extra options to try… when I tried to just go to Spike listings and track it down, I discovered I don’t get that channel.

I have since confirmed that Spike is owned by Viacom… Cable One dropped all the Viacom channels in a contract dispute… Over THREE years ago, and I just noticed Spike was one of the affected channels… it seems that Cable One made the right choice to not get pressured by Viacom, since I haven’t missed any of these channels over the last 3 years. 🙂


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