Daily Post Challenge – Surprise

Over the last few years I’ve had a lot of fun going to our local botanical gardens to take photos of flowers, berries, leaves, and sculptures. The planning that goes into the gardens is very evident because there was always something different blooming throughout the whole year. It seemed that every time I went, I discovered something new in those gardens, plants and sculptures.

But it cost money to go in, and it cost more if you want the right to sell your photos, which I’d like to be able to do someday…

So one fall I went to some of the other parks and monuments in town and discovered a smaller, but equally cared for, garden at the Historical Depot. And it has one of my favorite things to photograph: a waterfall. Plus, it’s free to wander around in and to take photos of, win-win.

autumn 146

Here’s to another year of discovering amazing surprises as I photograph my own town and its hidden treasures.


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