The second cemetery on our Spaulding Site stop is “The Cemetery.” It is still an active cemetery and that leads to some beautiful contrasts.

I was trying to play with depth of focus more, but failed.

But some of the photos taken with more simple camera settings captured the beauty of these monuments trying to stand up against time and nature.

First, the bridge that we used to take to get into the park, which is now closed off because it is crumbling, bit by bit.

I knew that the cemetery was still active, there are signs all over asking for respect due to that fact. But what fascinated me was how many old gravestones were obviously still visited and maintained. Here’s a photo of a 180 year old grave that has fresh (fake) flowers next to it. And it wasn’t the only one I saw.

Here’s a gravestone that is not quite winning the fight against time and nature. But it’s cool how the lichen and moss have stayed on just one side.

I notice at the Bredell cemetery that the “nice” grave markers were set on top of more roughly hewn stones. This was evident in “The Cemetery,” too. This fierce marker is still standing (mostly) straight, despite the erosion of the actual soil base. Plus, more fairly-new fake flowers.

One last photo.. I took a photo of my kid in this cemetery when we came through in 2013. My mom wanted my to recreate the photo, but I hadn’t planned on it so I didn’t remember enough about the photo. So here’s the original photo and the lame recreation, which was the one last photo we took before getting back on the road.


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