OMG – State was so awesome. She just killed it. She got some season highs, she hit her goal of a 36 all-around, and she qualified for regionals.

The gym was okay, the lighting was a bit better than I’ve had. I was able to bump my shutter speed up to 1/320 sec but she still is blurry during certain moves. I am so glad she qualified for regionals because I know that venue has awesome lighting.

I told myself I was going to take more photos of her outside of the actual routines this season, but I didn’t… For this meet, I took some of her with her team, but underneath the stands was still too dark. I also took some of her warming up, that’s how I knew that I could bump up to 1/320 sec but was still going to have some blurry photos. Here’s some fun ones of her warm-up.

She started on floor… with a bang. A 9.475. WOW! She got 3rd place for this.

I, on the other hand, did not start with a bang. I did okay, but I did not start shooting soon enough on some of her tumbling passes so I didn’t get all of the cool, gravity-defy shots I was hoping to capture. A few, the not all I hoped to get.

Moving onto vault, the vault run was very close to the spectator balcony so it was hard to get good shots. I got a few cool ones, and I got decent video. She got a 9.1, which was a solid score that landed her in 2nd place, but not a season high, like she got on floor.

Next was bars, of course. The bars were, apparently, a little wonky for everyone. Several people fell so Em “cheated” one of her skills that usually goes to a nice handstand, but it needs to be at least 45 degrees to count, the judges must have felt it hit 45 degrees, I am not so sure. But she held on to a nine – 9.025… 6th place, just squeaked in for a medal on that one.

After bars she had a 27.6 all-around. Which meant she needed an 8.4 on beam to get her 36… great family that we are, we just started telling each other that even if she didn’t get her 36, this was still a really great meet.

Down on the competition floor, she, apparently, wasn’t thinking anything like that. She was focusing on warming-up her tough skills so she could totally kill it on beam.

She got up on that beam, wobbled on her first hard skill (her full turn), and then just attacked the rest of her routine like she was the best beam person on the planet. She scored an 8.725 and got her 36 – she finished with a 36.325.

Although she was just out of the medals for beam, that score helped her hang onto fourth place all-around and kept her in the top 26 of all the level 8s so she ended the night as a Regionals Qualifier (they had special medals for the qualifiers, it’s a pretty big deal).

So, I missed getting her vault awards photo – I couldn’t get the camera to focus in time. I took a picture of her looking over at that 2nd place podium as she was waiting for the rest of the all-around winners to be called up. :)

Once again, for the record: 2nd on Vault, 6th on Bars, 3rd on Floor, 4th All-Around, and a Regionals Qualifier.

That makes it official: she managed to get one more meet out of the season, but we don’t have to travel, thank goodness. Regionals will be here, in Boise, April 7-9. She will compete on the 9th, around noon, the schedule is not final, yet.

And I will get to take photos in my favorite venue, the hockey stadium here in town. It has great lighting and I can walk all the way around the building and get a decent angle for every event. Until then…. :)


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