My kid and I were both looking forward to this meet, very much. We were both disappointed.

Em felt she was a contender for every sash. Usually the girls competing a specific level are broken down into groups of 8-10 by age for the actual medal ceremony. This meet gives extra recognition (a beauty queen sash) to the highest scoring girl for each event, regardless of age. Last year Em got Dancing Queen for having the highest floor score. This year she had some stumbles on every event and falls on two events so she got no sash.

I was looking forward to great photos. For the last two years, this meet has been held in the North Expo Building and, surprisingly, the lighting was really good and I got fantastic photos. I was really looking forward to that but this year she rented the Center Expo Building. The lighting was bad… bad… so bad. :(

But it is what it is… that’s the gymnastics life for you… here’s how it went.

She started on beam. She had been throwing some really solid beam routines during practices so she was really looking forward to this. But she fell on her three-quarter jump turn, even though she had changed her jump and had been nailing it in practice.

On the photo front, she was in the second flight so the beam was far away from the stands and the floor girls were right in the way of my photos. Plus, I was so bummed out by the bad lighting on my test shots, my heart wasn’t really in it. My video is all wobbly and off-kilter because I wasn’t paying attention…

Here are the photos. Links to all the videos will be at the bottom of the post.

She got a 7.7 which, of course, did not medal. :(

Next was floor. She’s been doing really well on floor. But that night she has some small steps at the ends of her tumbling passes.

I wish the lighting had been better, my photo of her half-whip as she came right toward me could have been really cool if the lighting had been good enough to make it not so grainy.

She got a 9.225, a very respectable score, not her highest due to the small missteps, but her friend, H, also got a 9.225 so they tied for 3rd and Em was awarded 4th because her all-around score was lower than H’s.

Then vault, I thought, “At least I have a great angle to take photos,” but then the A-flight girls stood RIGHT in front of me while they were warming up. I didn’t even try to stitch the two videos together… there’s just two separate videos in the Vault project linked below.

I thought her vault looked great. One of her previous coaches even stopped to talk to me and said how nice her vaults looked. But she only got an 8.85. However, that got her third place so the judges must have been scoring low for vault.

Finally, bars. And I jinxed her. I thought, “Well, at least she can get Swing Queen still.”

Then she fell… she NEVER falls on bars. Okay, she has occasionally fallen on bars, but not for a long time. When she fell, I thought, “Should I keep recording? Yes, I will, I want this to be honest.” But, after she finished, I realized I had never been recording… no bars video, but Em will probably think that’s a good thing.

She pulled an 8.050 – so low for her – but that still got a medal, sixth place.

She got a 33.825 All-Around, a sixth place finish, which was higher than her first meet of the season but lower than ALL the others. Bummer, but not the end of the world. In the whole scheme of things, this score would have qualified her for State Championships if she hadn’t already qualified, so can’t be too upset with it.

Here’s her awards photos.

I think her team took first place for awards but I didn’t get a picture… because I couldn’t hear the announcer so I thought more teams were coming up… their team was the only one called up so, I guess, first place. The scores on Meet Scores Online for that session just show the team score for all levels but I know that level 7 and level 8 teams were awarded separately. I say they got first. :)

Here are the video projects, remember – no bars because I forgot to record.

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