Grace and Strength

So my new goal of motivating my creativity with various photo and video challenges is not, exactly, fitting in with my blog categories for Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts… I discovered three posts a week was too formidable for me, given my single-working-gymnastics-mom status.

So I cleaned up and cleaned out my blog over the holidays and decided to start the new year with FOUR categories (an additional random category) but to not try to post in EVERY category EVERY week. Then I decided to use other blogs that give daily/weekly/biweekly writing/photography/videography challenges as motivation and inspiration.

But my newly found weekly photography challenge gets posted on Friday, which means I need to post before the next Friday, so it becomes a “Random Rambling” each week.

The photography challenge for this week is “Graceful.”


My daughter is a competitive gymnast. A very accomplished competitive gymnast. Junior Olympic level gymnastics has 10 levels. If a gymnast want’s to be considered for college scholarships, the gymnast should reach level 10 by their senior year in high school. My daughter is in junior high and is a level 8.

Two weeks ago, we were in Las Vegas for her first meet of the season. She fell on a tumbling pass that she NEVER falls on and received a 7.6 (out of 10) on floor. When we got home, we ran into one of her level 6 teammates and the mom was going on and on about how beautiful Em looked on floor.

Last Friday we were in Salt Lake City for a meet. When I remembered to look up the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge and saw the challenge, I knew I wanted to use a floor photo from that meet.

It was harder to pick than I thought it would be. I thought one from her leap pass, but the timing was off and I didn’t really get one I liked. Then I thought one from her tumbling passes, but her face shows the effort and negates the “effortless” aspect of “graceful” (just a little bit). I picked one particular dance pose, at first, but decided it didn’t imply enough effort for a viewer to say, “Wow, she makes it look so effortless.”

So I finally settled on this one that is, also, part of her dances moves. She does a front walkover down into a pose onto the floor. This photo is mid-front walkover, just as she lifts one of her hands so she can “strike-a-pose” and she finishes up.


Because of (lack of) lighting and distance, not exactly the most stellar photo as far as photography skills go, but I think it definitely captures “graceful.”


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