And so another season begins. Em is a second year level 8 this year. Who knew back in those days as a little three-year-old who didn’t look like she was even listening to the coach that she would be in the position to easily make level 10 by her senior year of high school… since she hasn’t even started high school yet. (knock on wood, don’t want to jinx her…)

So, given that there is a real chance of her being competitive for college, I realized I need to start recording video of her at meets now, so I figure out how to do it before it needs to count. And then I was the winner of the grand prize at my company picnic this summer: an iPad mini3. And it’s a good thing I started early because I have a lot to learn.

This post is about her first meet of the season, on 1/13/2017, but by the time it posts, she will have already competed at her second meet of the season. I need time to go through all the pictures. 🙂

The team started on vault, she did great but I had the iPad on photo instead of video. And I almost missed her first vault with the camera, too. Here’s some key shots of her first vault.

Her second vault did not have as good of a landing but at least I was able to do a better job at capturing the Yurchenko (although, at this point, did not know the iPad was not recording.)

She got an 8.8 out of that vault, which is her highest score ever for a Yurchenko-Tuck in competition.

Next was bars, I didn’t even try to record bars on the iPad because she was on the back set of bars and I had broken the silly little tripod I had gotten pretty much as soon as I had pulled it out of my camera bag. I remembered as she was waiting to salute that I wanted to get more candid pictures this year, managed to zoom in just as she was saluting…

And then I had to zoom out again, which I didn’t really manage to do until her dismount. But maybe it’s good, more close-up shots can be interesting.

She got a 9.025, an okay score for bars, especially since it’s the first meet, but I think it will get better as the season goes on.

I tried to get more candid shots before beam, but all I got was this one of her looking very stressed out before one of her turns to warm-up her beam stuff.

She fell on beam, twice, which, to me, was about normal, but she was really upset because she says she hasn’t been doing that in practice. But when she was on the beam, she looked spectacular.

I managed to capture all this on video – the only thing I managed to capture on video. I also found a program that let me zoom in even more than I could with the iPad, so it turned out pretty cool; except for the two falls.

Lady Luck Beam zoom from Meg White on Vimeo.

She got a 7.25 out of that, which was her typical score on beam last year, so if she thinks she can do better, I can’t wait to see that at future meets.

Floor was a little disappointing, for video and for gymnastics.

For the video, I thought I had it finally figured out… and I was fussy and fidgeting with the screen every once in a while to make sure the iPad didn’t go to sleep and switch itself back to photo. What I was actually doing was changing the focus… here’s a snippet:

Lady Luck Floor clip from Meg White on Vimeo.

And for gymnastics, she fell on her second tumbling pass, which she really never does, and that cost her 1.5 points because it meant she missed a lot of required elements. But the still photos are amazing, she is so beautiful on floor.

Because of that big fall she got a 7.6 on floor. Not up to her usual standard, but still enough to get a 32.675 all-around, which is enough for her to already qualify for State Championships.

Even though this was such a big meet, they weren’t using MeetScoresOnline so I had no idea how Em was stacking up against the other girls in the meet. Apparently Em did not think she had done very well. When the medals announcer called her up for her first medal, she wasn’t even paying attention… it was kind of funny, actually. The announcer said, “Wings girls, listen up, you’ve done this enough to know how this works.”

She got a 6th place medal on vault, a 5th place medal on bars, and the team took 4th.

And, like I said, it’s off to the next meet already – Salt Lake City – look out for those results and photos on the next Muscle Monday post.


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