Single Red Leaf

So I took this picture on a whim one evening.

I had just come home from work and I notice this single red leaf standing out from all the other leaves on the lawn. I went inside and grabbed my camera, came back out and took a few shots, then went back in to get dinner started… I totally forgot about the photos still sitting in the memory of my camera.

I found it when I downloaded the first gymnastics pictures of the season.

Right now, we have record snow covering our yard, the temperature is close to zero, and it is hard to remember the crisp fall days where there was still color and warmth in the surroundings.

Fall and Lady Luck Low Res

Update: I’ve been accepted as an iStock contributor and this photo is now available on iStock.

Update 2: I’ve been accepted as a contributor for Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Adobe Stock, but this particular photo was not accepted to Adobe Stock.

DreamsTime Shutterstock iStock


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