Family Traditions and the Holidays

My first photography subjects were rocks, trees, and flowers. I spent my college years capturing the beauty of nature and, sometimes, architecture but I rarely photographed people since I hated to be photographed.

But when I had my kid, I started having more motivation to capture those  moments of time that would make great memories. And over the years I’ve realized that not all photography is created equal and I find it to be a very rewarding challenge to try to expand my photography skills through different themes and styles. So I’ve started looking for online challenges and contests to give me specific goals and objectives for expanding my photography repertoire.

Here is my first attempt at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the challenge is a photograph that captures ambiance. Now, I am using an old photo for this challenge, but I’m sure I’ll have to take new photos for future challenges.

When I think of ambiance in relationship to my photography, I think of those beautiful, quiet moments of in-between that I’ve managed to capture with my camera. A very specific photo immediately came to mind when I read the challenge for this week.

Years ago, when life got too hectic for us to follow through with our original holiday plans, we decided to go to our local botanical garden for the “Winter Garden Aglow.” We’ve gone almost every year since and I sometimes manage to capture quite beautiful photos of the lights in the dark winter cold… but I think the photo that truly captures the feeling of family traditions and holiday celebrations is this photo I got that very first year of my daughter having some hot chocolate while gazing into the fire of one of the burn barrels meant to keep us all warm in the below freezing temperatures.



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