So this was a very sad year for the Three M’s – the Thunder Mountain Line Railroad shut down this year and we could not go on the Pumpkin Liner to get our pumpkins.

So we researched two options – Linder Farms and Farmstead Corn Maze. We went with Farmstead Corn Maze.

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great, either. Babu’s knee was still recovering from being replaced, the pumpkin patch was very picked over (okay, it was the 29th), and a lot of the games cost extra… not very much stuff was included with the entrance fee.

Plus, I was very out of practice on camera maintenance. My battery died shortly after arriving and my back-up battery was not charged. I was going to practice taking video with my new iPad; it was also not charged. 😦

But I took a few artsy pictures before my camera died. Remember, in my pursuit of the elusive fair ribbon, I have been working on taking closeup, detail photos of objects. I am also trying to remember to create some depth of focus in my photos (although I didn’t really succeed).



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