Took a trip to my hometown for my 29th high school reunion. We just drove up for the day so I didn’t take too many pictures but here’s what I did take.

We took a tour of the “historic sites” on this tractor decked up to look like a train which started at the old train depot. A few photos of the old train out front.


Then I took a picture of the door, because it looked really cool, and this is when it finally connected in my brain that bright sunny days are not always best for photos: too many shadows. I tried with a flash (on the right) but that did do much since I had to be so far away to get all of the door into the photo frame.

Then again, maybe if I’d caught it when the shadow connected the locks – if that ever actually happened. I had a reunion dinner to go to, I didn’t stick around to find out.

Then, finally, one just for posterity, not for photo aesthetics, the courthouse. My mom was prosecuting attorney when we live up there and her office was in the courthouse building.

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