Summer has been a time of relaxation and laziness… NOT!

I don’t even know where summer has gone. I can’t think of what I was doing on the first day of summer that made me think I was too busy to go take some outdoor photos to post in the Wild Wednesday category. I can’t think why I have posted fun stories about all we done in the Free Write Friday category. But here’s a post for Muscle Monday… finally.

As summer winds down, Em went to a gymnastics camp and got to work with some amazing gymnastics coaches. She’s working to get her gymnastics skills polished up again for a new season. I’ve discovered I need to get back some photography skills… I remembered to push my shutter-speed up to 1/800 of a second but I forgot to compensate for the low light by setting the over-exposure setting at its maximum.

So, after so photo enhancements, I have some fairly well-lit but somewhat grainy photos of her Yurchenko vault into the pit – she was practicing a half-twist in tuck position into the pit so if she looks off-kilter at some points, it’s because I’ve caught her mid-twist.



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