It’s been so nice to be done that I haven’t wanted to sit down and do this post, yet. I have had a few struggles as a photographer this season but I think I finally made some progress. So I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that these photos will highlight my awful photography from earlier in the season… and I am finally willing to post these for all to see.

Here she is, waiting for her coaches and teammates to show up. They competed the very first session on Sunday morning. She’s a morning person… apparently no one else is.

Here she is warming up and get a “pep” talk (maybe) from her coach (she looks a little skeptical).

Floor was first. I was so excited to get this great shot of her 1 and 1/2 twist but I lost track of her in the view frame so I cut her off.. but she fell so I guess it worked out like it should. Here is her amazing curled toe arabesque at the beginning of her routine:

Then, after her tumbling  pass, I got beautiful shots of her leap pass – which I just now realize has some of the same jumps as her jump series on the beam. She finished her leap pass right in front of the “Regional” banner and then did her full turn:

I got bits of her second pass – half whip, front tuck:

And then, of course, her final pose.

Because she fell on her first pass (which she didn’t do all season.. stupid growth spurt), she ended up with an 8.750… no medal.

Next, of course, vault. She got her highest score of the season on vault – an 8.65. But still no medal. I love how you can see her looking for where she’s going to land…

What’s after vault? Oh yes, bars. Stupid growth spurt got her here, too. She took a step on her landing but still pulled of a 9.075. Again, no medal… it was a very tough field, obviously, Regional Championships and all.

Finally, beam. She did not fall, which was a huge achievement, but she did not connect her series, which was a small disappointment. But she scored one of her highest scores: 8.2 (still no medal).

She ended with a 34.675 all-around, which placed 18th out of the 21 girls in her group. The awards guy was so cool, he started out, “I know some of you did not have your best meet out there.” Then he reminded them, “But there are girls that didn’t even make it to this meet. It’s an achievement just to have qualified for Regionals. So, although we are only going out to 10th place in medals, we are giving everyone a certificate of achievement because you deserve congratulations.”

Okay, I put quotes around that, but that may not be EXACTLY what he said… it’s how I remember it. Here’s my awesome gymnast saluting after receiving her certificate.

Still, even though medals were only given to 10th place… when you say, “She’s ranked 18th in her region,” it still sounds pretty cool.




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