As this posts, we are on our way back home from Regional Championships… yes, I led with the climax – she qualified for Regionals.

State is usually her best meet, it wasn’t this year but she’s already mentioned that it might be because it wasn’t her last meet of the season since she qualified for regionals.

So even though it wasn’t her best meet of the season, she obviously did well.

And, although the venue was not conducive to good photos, my new settings still helped immensely.

Here’s her one and a half twist on floor.

Here’s some of her leap pass.

Here’s that half whip, front tuck combo.

Here’s some more beautiful photos of her floor routine.

She scored a 9.225, her highest floor score of the season, which got her a medal: 5th place.

Next was vault, it was right next to the spectator seating, for once. She scored an 8.5 which was a tie for her highest score, but she didn’t medal.

Then she went to bars. She got a 9.3 on bars, which was not her highest score of the season, but it was right up there. I got non-blurry  photos of her dismount but not enough to show it’s a double back tuck, for some reason. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten shots of two rotations before.


But anyway, that score got her another medal – 4th place this time.

Then beam, she had her typical tough time on beam. She fell at least once, but she kept going. She got a 7.25, which actually was not her lowest beam score of the season, but she was pretty disappointed in it… no medal for that event.

But I finally got picture of her split leap and her beat jump, yes, that’s what she said it’s called. So she does the one-eighty twist tuck jump (which I got photos of last meet) followed by a split leap followed by a beat jump…

All this ended up as a 34.275 all-around score. Which, the way the groups worked out, put her last in her age group (9th), but she always looks so happy up there even when she’s last… because she know she did her best and she knows she worked for every single point she got.

Then, she was so nervous about whether she had qualified for Regionals, she was sure everyone else on her team had qualified (even though some of them had lower all-around scores) but she wasn’t sure she had, silly girl. But, of course, she had…

The top 23 Level 8 gymnasts in Idaho were picked to go to Regionals (don’t know why 23 but it was 23). Em ended up number 18 in the whole state, and, therefore, gets to go as one of the 23 Idaho Level 8 gymnasts.

So stay tuned, I will have updates and photos from Regionals in the next few weeks.


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