I made it further into gymnastics season this year before I got too overwhelmed and exhausted to keep up with the photo posts. I also have to admit that I realized between QoH and Rose City that I had made an amateur mistake with my camera settings, that’s why the pictures were blurry. Suffice to say it had to do with thinking the camera would pick the ISO needed to get the highest shutter speed… not true.

A random comment made by a coworker got me thinking. So I looked at the detailed properties of last year’s photos vs. this year’s and found that my shutter speeds were considerably longer this year – hence the blur.

So now that I’ve confessed – look how much better my pictures are! Em is no longer trying to throw her Yurchenko at meets because, true daughter of mine, she over thinks it and can’t get her steps right… and I’d much rather have her throw a different vault than force that Yurchenko and get hurt. She scored an 8.2 on this vault, that was an 8th place finish, which was out of medal range.

On bars, I hoped to get better photos of her dismount with my newly found camera settings but then the camera wouldn’t focus in time to take photos… She got a 9.0 on this routine which landed her in 4th place, this was her only medal at this meet. But her friend, H, snuck onto the podium in 5th place, so that was cool (see her on the extreme left).

Then beam, much better photos of those “in-the-air” moments. But I still haven’t been able to get all three jumps in one routine. She got a 7.5 and that put her last on beam (12th place) unfortunately. Beam is not her strong suit.

Finally, floor. She’s been doing so well on floor this year, it a bit of a bummer to have her score “just” a 9.0 and get “only” 8th place. But look, I got un-blurry pictures of her one and a half twist, her half whip, and some of her leap pass.

I think all the girls were worn out by this meet. All the girls scored slightly lower on this meet than previous ones; except for our friend H who’d been hurt all season and finally got to compete all four events this time. Em scored a 33.7 which was definitely not her worst all-around score this season but not close to being her best. However, H had only been able to compete 2 events all season so her 33.45 blew away her previous 17.0 scores… and that was the most important part of this particular meet. H had to score at least a 32 at this meet to go to State, it would have been very hard to go to State without her, thank goodness we didn’t have to.

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