Wow, this was an amazing demonstration of how far my kid has come with this whole gymnastics thing.

This meet is sponsored by our gym, the very first time the meet was held was in 2012 in our own little gym. Now it has grown to a two-day event at held at the Expo Center.

Around 2014 the girls started braiding and styling their hair into heart shapes. Last year the meet creator even gave out some small candy prizes for heart hairstyles.

This is my kid’s heart bun from this year (2016):

The meet creator came up with this cute gimmick that since it is the “Queen of Hearts” there should be queens like at a beauty contest, complete with sashes and crowns.

Highest all-around score for a level (regardless of age) – Queen of Hearts
Highest vault score – Rodeo Queen
Highest bars score – Swing Queen
Highest beam score – Ice Queen
Highest floor score – Dancing Queen

Over the years, my sweet gymnast has always been a solid middle ground gymnast… she always wanted to get a sash and crown but she was always in the 5th-6th place range for her age group and 8th-12th place range for the whole level.

Not this year. I’m leading with the good stuff this time. She got two first place medals and she got Dancing Queen. We really thought she was going to get Swing Queen (her goal was Swing Queen because she thought she had the most chance at that), but one girl (from a different age group) beat her by one tenth of a point. But that girl was getting the best score on a lot of events and a girl can only have one sash so I thought Em might still pull out Swing Queen.

I kept my eye on the live scores Web site and realized, as the last girls were finishing up, the Em had gotten the highest floor score, even higher that the girl that was winning everything else, and even though Em still had the second highest bar score, I figured they would probably give her Dancing Queen and give one of the other, lower scoring girls the Swing Queen; I was right.

Here’s her medal photos: 4th on Vault, 1st on Bars, 4th on Beam, 1st on Floor, tied for 3rd on All-Around, and crowned Dancing Queen for the level 8s. Oh, and the team took first place.

So here’s the event photos. Vault was a rough start, her first vault didn’t have a flip in it, but her second vault was fairly solid and she scored an 8.35.

Her second event was bars. A team mate of hers scored a 9.3 right before her and she was getting a little worried that she was not going to be able to beat that, but she had a harder dismount (I believe that was the kicker) and she got a 9.45.

Then came beam. She fell on one of her back walkovers but she still pulled off her highest beam score of the season, an 8.5.

Finally, floor. She looked so beautiful out there. She got a 9.2 and later commented that she couldn’t believe she won floor, again, with “just” a 9.2… skills get hard at this level. I told her that evidently 9s are hard to come by at level 8.

And that adds up to 35.500 all-around. (Remember that, there’s going to be a test.)

So to celebrate her first Queen of Hearts meet sash and crown for Dancing Queen, here’s a retrospective of one of her tumbling passes through the last 5 years.

2012: Round-off, back handspring.
2013: She added a back tuck, so it was round-off, back handspring, back tuck.
2014: The back flip went from tuck to layout. Officially, I think it was round-off, back handspring, full.
2015: Second year as a level 7, still round-off, back handspring, full.
2016: She added a twist. But wasn’t just a half twist, not even a full twist, she has jumped straight to round-off, back handspring, one and a half twist.

See you in two weeks… final meet of the regular season will be in Beaverton, OR. Then State Championships, because she’s already qualified for it. Then, probably, regional championships because all she has to do is get a 34.000 at State and what did she get at this meet? (I told you there was going to be a test.) Yes, correct – 35.500… and she usually peaks at State… Things are about to get REAL!


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