So my little gymnast took advantage of a weekend off from gymnastics meets to participate in a school tradition. Her school helps sponsor a memorial basketball tournament every year – Hallissey Basketball Tournament.

No one told me they were planning on squeezing 74 basketball games into 48 hours. My kid’s team played 6 games in 24 hours. They had their first game at 4:30pm on Friday night of the tournament, played three games that night, started their first Saturday game at 8:00am and played a total of three games before 4:30pm that day. Their 7th and final game was Sunday morning.

Her class has 17 kids and twelve of them played Hallissey, those kids are definitely much closer now than they were before the tournament… this posting fits into Muscle Monday for social (emotional) muscle as well as physical muscle.

Here’s some cute photos of my gymnast (#1) taking on the role of a fiesty, aggressive basketball player who is small enough to trick people into not taking her seriously. Okay, she can’t dribble and she can’t catch a pass, so sometimes you’d be right to not take her seriously, but she is a terror on defense and a great team player (setting picks and screens) when she’s on offense.


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