So many beautiful photos, I can split them up to take us all the way to winter solstice. This coming weekend I will take photos of the botanical garden in its winter wear – evening hours with lights and model train exhibits. I will also pop into Kathryn Albertson Park during the day, that park is becoming my favorite photography location (favorite over the botanical gardens because it’s proving itself to be just as gorgeous and it’s free to shoot there).

It will be interesting to see what (if any) photos I get at mid-winter since the garden goes into winter hours and isn’t even open on the weekends (and we will be in the heart of travel season for gymnastics). Which are other reasons I’ve probably not been able to photograph outside locally through the winter months. But this time around I’m going to try to fit in a local photo session in at least one of the many beautiful parks and public gardens around town.

But for now, one last look at autumn before we celebrate the winter solstice. Here are some more plants that waited until mid-autumn bloom in beautiful bold colors:

The last few photos are still plants that waited until fall but they’ve been arranged by the botanical garden’s designers to intertwine with each other and create riots of color in this late season.


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