I was totally amazed when we went into the native plants section, it was much more well presented and the plants were highlighted in such creative ways. Many of my “new” items were in this section so who knows how long they’ve actually been there since I’ve been skipping that section.

But first, this item is definitely new, I always wander the English Garden, this probably should be in my “winter wear” section coming in a few weeks because I’m sure it’s for the model train exhibit that will be set up for Winter Garden Aglow but I’m putting it here.

Here’s another item I know is new – it’s a scarecrow that Em missed and, therefore didn’t pose with.

I think I’ve seen this before but in a different area… I found it by my carnivorous plants (which will be in my “colors” posting) which I was so glad to find since I’m totally fascinated by those plants.

Then there was this totally awesome, alone in the middle of nowhere, weathered picket fence. I’ll have to start tracking this one through the seasons, for sure.

Here are a few more items that I kind of knew were in the native plants section but they looked so cool on this particular day, and Em posed with few to make them more photo worthy.

The final object I’m guessing has been there a while, I may have even noticed in passing when moving from the native plants to the fire wise section but it looked so cool with everything so green from the fall rains.


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