It still amazes me how I can find man made items at the botanical garden that either I haven’t seen before or I haven’t seen set so strikingly against the natural elements.

The last few times, I admit, I’ve been skipping sections of the garden that I thought were boring… but because of the scarecrows we went EVERYWHERE and discovered so many new things, plus a a favorite that had been moved (but that will be in the “colors” postings).

So let’s split these up… today I will post objects that I’ve seen before but not in this light. Next week I’ll post objects that I’ve never seen before.

Here’s a few items I’ve seen before but this time they were dressed up for Halloween.

Here’s a few items that had a different feel since it was a cloudy day and it had been raining that night.

Here’s one that I’ve liked before but took on a whole new dimension when Em posed with it.

And here’s a few other favorites of mine that I love to track through the changing seasons.


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