So I’ve posted many photos from my beautiful city taken on that last weekend of summer. Those posts have brought us to the mid-point of autumn but before I post all my amazing mid-autumn photos from this every changing city I am going to post a few photos taken on that first weekend of autumn, but they weren’t taken in the city.

Here are some photos I took in Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park and I am posting them in a series of “surveys” because I would like some help figuring out the best way to present my photos. I just don’t seem to “get it” when I pick and crop my photos for the state fair each year. I always like my photos better than the winners. I thought about just accepting that I have a different idea of a “good picture” but I thought I would get outside feedback first. Maybe I’m “too close” to the subject matter.

I took photos of the moon rise and sunset over the dunes, all very fair worthy pictures, I think. I’ve cropped the pictures in both landscape and portrait ratios and I’ve also included the raw image so if you think I totally missed the mark in the cropping, you can say so. I also have some that I cropped “super close up.” Which may be what I need to do, I have cropped “more artistically” in the past and that’s not winning ribbons at the fair. So here it goes.

Here’s my first moon rise photo.

Another moon rise photo.

A sunset photo.

Even that night I knew I was having better luck with the moon. Here’s another moon photo.

And here’s an amazing photo, I think… but I didn’t have any luck at the fair with a similar photo… I like the last photo best because of the people’s leg position.

I just really like this photo – any comments on it?

The next morning I found little animal tracks in the sand of the dunes but I don’t know how to frame up the photo to do them justice.

First set.

Second set.

That’s all of them… hope you have fun giving some POSITIVE critiques, thanks.


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