BSU Open – February 27, 2015

My meet fatigue really showed for this meet. I got some good pictures but some moments I usually catch with the camera were missed due to lack of focus and concentration.

In the past when Em’s coach had them go to the BSU Open they competed in the old gymnasium and the lighting was worse than last week’s Battle in Bellevue.

This year they were competing at a high enough level that the BSU guys had them competing in the Taco Bell Arena, where the BSU gymnasts compete. What I did not realize is that BSU would want to get great pictures of their gymnasts so the lighting would be really good. My heart was not in the photo taking because of previous BSU Open results and my mind was not in it because of meet fatigue. I did not realize until I downloaded my photos from my camera (three weeks later) that I got awesome photos.

Here they are.

They started on beam. I got what I think is my one and only photo of her back handspring on the beam this season. She got an incredible 8.575 which landed her in 6th place out of the twelve girls so she actually medaled on beam!

Next is floor, always. We were so close, I got some great photos of her back layout. I was hoping for great pictures of her leap pass… I seem to keep missing her leap pass this year… and this time was no different, my timing is a bit off and my memory card bogs down before she gets to the main part of her leap pass. But I did get a couple of good pictures of her in the air for leaps and turns. She got a 9.050 for floor. The gave her 7th place and, after much agonizing and working to recall the medal ceremony, I’ve decided that gave her a medal.

See – I have three medal photos – there were 12 girls in the group so her 6th place finish on beam and her 4th place on bars obviously gave her medals (they always give the top 50% medals) but I couldn’t figure out where the last medal fit. She got 7th on floor and 9th all-around… but after much thought I have come to the conclusion that this third medal was for floor… I vaguely remember the meet director saying top 2/3s would medal and (just as vaguely) remember saying to my mom that meant she would medal on floor but barely miss out on all-around.

Anyway, here’s her floor photos.

Then fatigue hit hard, I got totally distracted. We were talking to one of the other level 7 moms and I realized Em was running her first run on vault. I didn’t get a single picture of her vaulting. Here is my stellar vault photo.

Her performance was not much better. I don’t really remember her doing anything horribly wrong but looking at the score now, she must have: 8.525 which was a 12th place score – no medal there.

Finally bars, I was really close again but somehow my camera refused to take photos of her dismount. I was too tired to really analyzed it so, even now, I have no clue what happened. She did well, however, she got a 9.225 which got her another medal for a 4th place finish (as I’ve already mentioned).

She finished with 35.375 all-around score which, as I said, was a 9th place finish, just barely out of the medals.

This was the last meet of regular season. We then had to wait 4 weeks for State Championships. But you only have to wait a week. Tune in next Monday to find out how Em ended the season. 🙂


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