Queen of Hearts Invitational – February 14, 2015

Three meets in a row was too much! I didn’t even want to look at my pictures for weeks… then we had State Championships, I barely wanted to take pictures… but I did, but it set me back a few more weeks on wanted to sort through these photos.

So I’ve finally done it, and I discovered of all the venues this year, the fairgrounds ended up being the best one, I actually got great photos at Queen of Hearts.

She started on beam, never good… I am fairly sure that she fell twice. She got a 7.250 – she may have fallen three times, I can’t remember (the disadvantage of waiting over two months to post this).

But then she shook it off, went to floor, and got a 9.0. Her coaches had taken out some of her harder moves, so she didn’t have a full 10.0 starting value (they have and will dispute this, but I am trained in performance analysis so I stick by my analysis) but she still managed to hang onto a 9 for this event. Look at the pictures closely, you’ll see her “heart bun” in her hair, she got an extra prize for putting hearts in her hair.

Then she went to vault. I am not entirely sure how the judges see everything they need to see to score this event so I just shake my head when she gets 8s and jump up and down when she gets 9s. This meet was a jump up and down meet – she got a 9.2 and managed to medal with 5th place finish.

Finally, bars. She has been struggling with this new cast all season, and I thought she got it this time but, I don’t know. She got an 8.950, which was very disappointing given all her nines last year doing almost the exact same bars routine (except for that cast) but she told me it was her step on the end, not her cast… I’m still suspicious of that cast. But she still medaled, 5th place again.

She ended up with a 34.4 all around, she was 10th.

This was a disappointing meet for us. She did okay, maybe even fairly well, but this is her second year as a level 7 and we thought she’d be killing these meets. It did get better, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.


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