Gem State Invitational – January 30, 2015

Another meet, some more pictures. Lots more pictures, because this venue has much better lighting.

This meet is fun, the meet manager makes a big to-do over the girls, starting with march in. All the coaches and judges have to line up to give the girls high-fives. (I remember when my kid was the first one in… she’s not the littlest anymore.)

Wings started on floor. She stepped out-of-bounds on her first tumbling pass (she REALLY tried not to, which probably only drew more attention to it.) She also took a step on her landing on her second tumbling pass. I thought it didn’t look as nice and clean as it did in Vegas, but what do I know, apparently… she got a 9.075. (She got a 9.150 in Reno, only .075 off, which is within sampling error since it’s human judges giving the score.)

Then comes vault. I think vault is the “craps table” of any gymnastics meet. I have know idea how the judges decide on different scores for the girls. To my eye an 8.700 vault looks like a 9.150 vault which looks like a 9.550 vault. It’s just: run like heck, vault, and see what the judges throw out there… Em got a 9.150.

After vault, bars. Em said her dowel did not catch the bar correctly when she moved from low to high bar, which made her kip bad because she was readjusting her grip, which made her cast practically non-existent (they have to hit 45 degrees or it’s a 5 tenths deduction). Her coach said she shouldn’t have any excuses… can you feel the love? All three of us swear that they originally posted that she got a 7.900, which made the family in the audience so mad we had to go walk around for a bit. However, the score that got posted to the Web site and the score they printed on her awards certificate was an 8.450.

Last event was beam. Those of us in the audience were still fuming because we couldn’t quite believe the 8.450 on the Web site (the scores post live, so we saw the different score just minutes later) and because we are so frustrated that her bars routine is not as strong as it was last year and it’s the SAME ROUTINE. But Em must have already shaken off the bars mistake. She looked amazing, she did not fall once, which is a big deal for her on beam. She got another 8.450. Which is really good for her on beam.

This meet doesn’t give out individual medals, they give out a really nice plaque with little sticky placement plates (6th place Vault, etc.) for the girls to stick on. Wings team got 2nd place in the team award, and Em got 8th place (all-around) with a score of 35.125. (She tied for 5th on vault, got 7th on bars, 8th on beam, and 5th on floor.) Can you tell that after spending 3hrs taking photos with no flash I forget that I can turn the flash on for awards?


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