Flips Invitational – January 23, 2015

Our first out-of-state meet is under our belt. It was a meet we had never attended before, in Reno, NV. It was a well-run meet, smaller than we expected, but a decent meet. Also, I know it’s Wednesday, but I’ve but this in “Muscle Monday” because I don’t want to wait until next week to post this because, now that we’re in meet season, I don’t want the meet posts to get too far away from the actual date of the meet.

Her goal was to master her level 8 skills for this meet, but she didn’t quite make it… there were a few tears in the weeks before this meet but she bucked up and attacked the meet full force. After the meet, when we were all back at the gym, another gymnast mentioned that she had just talked to the coach and was going to stay at level 5 for the rest of the season and she was actually a little relieved. She said it was really hard to practice level 6 skills all the time and then go and compete level 5 skills that she hadn’t been working on as much. When we mentioned that Em had been in the same position, working to go up to 8 but turning around and competing at 7 for meets, this other gymnast said she knew that and she thought Em did really well on her 7 skills at the meet given the fact that she’d been concentrating on 8 skills in practice.

Anyway, she started out on beam, her worst event, and it did not go very well. Over the course of the weekend, we saw a lot of slips and falls on the beam, it seems the beam was a little bit slick compared to what some gyms were used to working on. Em fell… twice… but still came away with a 7.600 as a score. That was not enough to medal, but it wasn’t last but it wasn’t enough to medal.

Then she moved to floor. In between warm-up passes on the floor, we could see her brooding about her beam performance. But when it was time to go out onto the floor, she got laser focus on the task at hand and she killed it. She got a 9.150 and tied for 6th place with one of her teammates, they both look so happy to be sharing the podium; it’s cute.

After floor is vault. I have given up trying to tell if she threw a good vault because it’s all about what they do on the “table.” But, apparently, the judges felt like she threw a good vault and gave her another 9.150 which meant she tied for 5th place this time.

Finally, bars. Her teammates both fell so I know she was nervous. She looked great up there but, I guess, missed a skill that was the same deduction value as the falls of her teammates so she scored in the same range. Not to say it was a bad score, an 8.90 is nothing to sneeze at on bars, but her friend who actually fell scored an 8.95… even her friend’s mom said, “You were robbed.” But Em seemed to think that she probably missed her cast to 45 degrees so she got what she deserved and she was proud of her 6th place finish; at least it looks that way in her podium photo. 🙂

All this lead to a 34.8 for an all-around score, for which she, again, medaled. But I didn’t get a photo of that because I thought she finished 11th, just out of medal range, when, in fact, she finished 10th, just barely making it to the podium. Here’s my photo.

Well, this weekend is another meet so stay tuned…


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