Fair Fun

As I have said before, raising my girl to be a strong, independant young lady is not just about gymnastics and traditional muscles. It is about values and intelligence, too.

I like to take her to the fair each year for three reasons:

  1. To appreciate the handiwork of those who still make things.
  2. To see that her mother has a creative side (I enter photos in the fair every year)
  3. To expose her to something she doesn’t usually get to see as a city kid: farm animals

Yes, we also ride on some rides, but that also seems to be an opportunity for growth since she usually runs into school or gym mates so we get to nuture our social network, too.

But I made in error in judgement on footwear this year:

I realized my error when we were wandering around the animal barns, where the “floor” was strewn with urine soaked straw… oh well, live and learn.


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